Sedona Working Toward Workforce Housing

Credit: City of Sedona

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX

Developer, Serenade, LLC is working toward adding more affordable workforce housing in Sedona.

A request has been submitted to the city for a Major Community Plan Amendment to redesignate the site from Single-Family Medium Density to Multifamily High Density, in order to construct 52 apartment units on 2.54 acres east of Andante Drive and northeast of the Lyric/Andante intersection.

“Sedona has a critical shortage of professional affordable workforce housing as well as a shortage of areas designated in the Community Plan as Multifamily High Density on which to build such housing to alleviate this crisis.” The applicant’s submittal states. “Our Development Proposal will benefit Sedona by providing professional affordable workforce housing apartments that are in a critically scarce supply with a huge demand.”

If approved, according to the project’s webpage, “the applicant would then apply for a zone change and development review, which would need to be approved before construction could begin.”

The project, dubbed Serenade Apartments, is proposed as a two-story, multi-building development consisting of 28 one-bedroom and 24 two-bedroom units. The buildings will be constructed in a staggered configuration, while using a common design theme and will include 36 storage units. 80 parking spaces will also be provided.

The project sits on two lots totaling 2.54 acres. The larger 2.26-acre lot was purchased more than ten years ago in order to build a mobile home park; however, in 2017 the idea changed to develop professional workforce housing due to “the significance of Sedona’s long-term rental housing crisis.” Serenade, LLC secured the option to purchase the .28-acre lot at 300 Andante Drive, adjacent to the site on the southwest corner, in order to provide access to the property, as access from Serenade Street was not feasible.

According to the submittal, the Serenade Apartments architectural design is better aligned with the surrounding residential community than a mobile home development.

“Our proposal balances affordability, location, environment, and amenities to provide housing for a quality long-term local professional workforce,” the submittal states.

An open house is scheduled for April 16 to allow the community to provide their input on the project.

According to the project’s webpage, the proposal is still undergoing staff review and a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting has not yet been scheduled.

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