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Our network includes over 27,000 A/E/C professionals, from public and private owners to design teams, contractors, vendors and service providers specific to the design & construction industries. Throughout our communications and events, we can target the most appropriate delivery to your target audience. The best results come from a specific approach across many platforms, over a sustained term.

We’re happy to create a package that will best fit your concerns of
time, budget, and target audience

Contact Rebekah Morris at 480-709-4190 or email for details.

Digital Magazine Subscriber Breakdown

Here are some ways we can deliver your message to our network:

Digital Magazine Ad Options

Reach over 4,000 highly engaged readers of our Digital Magazine, 95% of which are within the state of AZ. This is the most cost-effective and impactful way to deliver a very targeted message. Readers see the message often (2x/week), and at a time when they are actively engaged in reading the content. The AZBEX Digital Magazine is the place readers are looking for opportunities. For that reason, display advertising is incredibly effective when delivered twice a week to our subscriber’s inbox.

For pricing and details please contact Rebekah Morris at (480) 709-4190 or

Online Advertsing averages more than 12,500 unique visitors and 33,500 page views per month. Our average visitor spends more than two minutes and sees two pages per visit. Display advertising on the website is shown in a slider rotation or in a static ad on the home page. See below for placement.

For pricing and details please contact Rebekah Morris at (480) 709-4190 or

Events Sponsorships and Exhibiting

Don’t forget about the power of in-person networking and event sponsorship opportunities when considering your marketing efforts.  In 2018, we held four major in-person conferences, The Forecast Event,  The Private Development Summit, AZBEX ConneX and the Public Works Conference. Each event has many sponsorship opportunities and more details about those events can be found on the events tab above. Some of the events will have an enormous research component, which will be deep with opportunities. That collateral will have display ad space, and due to the long shelf-life, the display ad will be seen for months after the initial publication date.

Private Development Summit

AZBEX hosts large conferences and small breakfast panels each year. More details are available at our events page on exhibiting and sponsoring. If you have any questions about events, please contact Kristen Miraglia at 602-326-4728 or