400-Unit Multifamily Dev. Planned for Scottsdale

Credit: ORB Architecture, LLC/City of Scottsdale

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX

A new multifamily development is being planned on approximately 18 acres of underutilized land within the Cavasson Master Plan site in Scottsdale.

Plans were recently submitted to the city and Owner, Grayhawk Development, is requesting approval of the site plan, landscape plan and building elevations for the three-story rental project called Grayhawk Residences at Cavasson.

Located at 7701 E. Legacy Boulevard, Grayhawk Residences at Cavasson will consist of 400 units, consisting of a mix of 24 studio, 124 one-bedroom, 186 two-bedroom and 66 three-bedroom units.

Grayhawk and developer, Alliance Residential, plan to keep the maximum building height at about 45 feet and maintain a contemporary architectural design with the classical base-middle-top composition.

“The design strategies, high quality materials and pronounced architectural expression will create an iconic project that enhances Cavasson’s economic and cultural presence,” according to the project documents. “The project will also adhere to sustainable building practices, including Scottsdale’s Sensitive Design Program requirements.”

The residential onsite amenities will include a pool and spa area, outdoor kitchen, recreation center, great room, bicycle and pet support services, mail and parcel storage areas, transit lounge area, and a fitness center.

Improvements such as drainage, infrastructure and transportation development, including anticipated access points, are currently underway.

The site is designed with pedestrians in mind. “The main internal pedestrian alley runs parallel to Legacy Road, serving as the primary pedestrian corridor within the project while also creating a great, public space,” the documents state. “This corridor is carefully crafted to allow spacious private and public patios, shaded pedestrian walkway and opportunities for larger events. A grove-like arrangement of trees overlays this corridor, creating a lush oasis that, along with the hardscape layout, defines this crucial public space.”

The project still needs to go before the City of Scottsdale’s Development Review Board for approval. A date has yet to be determined.

Another Cavasson Multifamily Development

Plans for another multifamily development within the Cavasson Master Plan, called Cavasson Apartments, are currently on hold.

The project, owned by Nationwide Realty Investors, is located at the SWC of Hayden Road and Legacy Boulevard and includes 298 units in a five-story complex. BEX researchers obtained that these apartments have been on hold for more than a year, and there is currently no known restart date.



  1. The Grayhawk area as well as all areas in N. Scottsdale do not need anymore multi family enclaves. Your ruing the beautiful area and causing much more traffic that is already out of control without any police patrol.

  2. Ummm,
    I’m clearly confused?
    We have a very serious water shortage in this area.
    So the question I propose? Are we to move from our homes and live in outlandishly expensive high rise communities now?
    A valid point, no?

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