Plans for Gilbert Adventure Park Resurface

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX 

Plans for a 4.55-acre outdoor family entertainment center to be located at the SWC of Santan Village Parkway and Knox Road in Gilbert, are finally making their way through the Town’s Planning Department. 

SAP Holdings, LLC is requesting the town’s input on plans, including a site plan, landscape, grading and drainage, elevations, floor plans, lighting, colors and materials for the development, known as Santan Adventure Park. 

Santan Adventure Park is proposed to be constructed in two phases. The first phase, to be located at the southern portion of the site, will consist of an 18-hole miniature golf course, 22-kart go-kart racetrack, splash pad and concession stand on 2.4 acres. The project documents note the second phase will be, “an extension of the adventure park, but the design is undetermined at this time.” 

The park will have two buildings, one 2.7KSF building for concessions, ticketing and restrooms and another 900 square foot maintenance building. The concessions building will be contemporary in design, complementing the color scheme of the existing AZ Ice Facility on the site, while also containing architectural elements pertaining to an old west theme. 

The miniature golf course will contain five structures including, “bridge passageways, a water tower with waterfall, a large, sculpted head that will emit fire and a mining structure,” the documents state. The go-kart racing area will include a metal canopy with a dark brown corrugated metal gabled roof. 

The park’s site is part of the Crossroads Park and AZ Ice Facility. Access to the site will be from the two existing entrances at Knox Road. “A drop-off zone will be built at the entrance to the adventure park and will lead into the concession/ticketing building and the splash pad, according to the documents. The miniature golf course will be located to the east of the entrance while the go-kart racing area and maintenance building will be located to the south. 

The Town of Gilbert agreed to a lease agreement with SAP Holdings, LLC for the property back in 2017 as well as a parking agreement for the shared parking. 

According to the documents, the project is currently in its first review with the town. Gilbert heard the request for input at its February 3rd Planning Commission meeting. Groundbreaking is anticipated for summer of 2021 with a possible opening date in late 2021. 

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  1. Every hour each go cart will release the same pollution as a car driven 350 miles. All the people that live in homes that back up to this park are in danger of health affects from the long term carbon monoxide pollution. This is the story that nobody has noticed! Please help get the most critical part of this story published!!! Please

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