New Mixed-Use Development Proposed for Gilbert

Credit: Town of Gilbert

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX
Pew & Lake, PLC, on behalf of The Victoria Lund Foundation, recently submitted documents to the Town of Gilbert for the development of a new mixed-use project to be located at the SEC of Val Vista Drive and Mercy Road.
The owner is requesting a Minor General Plan Amendment and rezoning approval to change the 8.97-acre site from General Office to General Commercial and Business Park with PAD Overlay in order to allow the construction of approximately 97.7KSF of building space. The owner also submitted a preliminary plat to subdivide the site into five lots.
The amendment and rezoning were heard at the Town of Gilbert’s March 4th Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. According to the documents submitted to the town, the preliminary plat will be heard at a later date.
The project, known as Mercy Val Vista Center, is planned to consist of five lots and one tract which will include more than 15.6KSF of retail and restaurant space, 24.9KSF of office space and a 6-story, 107-room hotel.
“The buildings are contemplated to be designed with upscale modern architectural features including sophisticated building form,” the documents state. “The overall architectural design will provide for enhanced visual interest, environmental comfort, and design creativity. The envisioned materials include stone and brick products, accentuated by stucco finishes and use of anodized bronze.”
The development will also include a total of 427 parking spaces and will have approximately 131.4KSF of open space. Landscape pathways onsite will link to amenities and promote pedestrian travel and there will be seven points of vehicular access to the site. Two will be along Mercy Road, one along Val Vista Drive, three from a private drive on the south side of the property and one providing access to and from Rome Street.
The mixed-use development is expected to complement neighboring sites including the Mercy Gilbert Hospital to the north, The Ironwood Cancer and Research Center and Mercy Medical Commons II to the east, a proposed commercial center to the south along Val Vista Center, and a Dutch Bros Coffee, Car Wash, QuikTrip and Aspens Senior Living Community to the west.
According to the documents, “It is anticipated that the PAD sites will be developed first followed by the hotel, retail, and office buildings. There is not a phasing plan proposed at this time, but approval of the zoning, plat and design guidelines will ensure that development will be able to occur as expeditiously and orderly as possible.”
The Victoria Lund Foundation is the owner of Mercy Val Vista Center. A request for the architect and general contractor has not been returned by press time.

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