PHX Issues Sky Harbor General Aviation Redev. RFI

Credit: City of Phoenix

By Roland Murphy for AZBEX

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s General Aviation Hangar and Office area is targeted for redevelopment under a recently issued Request for Information.

The RFI is looking for companies and ideas to redevelop +/-40 acres (1.74MSF) in the Northwest General Aviation Hangar/Office Area, which is “bordered between South 24th Street to the West, East Air Lane to the North, Honeywell Facilities to the East and Taxiway Alpha along the South border,” according to the request documents.

Under a Comprehensive Asset Management Plan recently adopted by the City of Phoenix, the North General Aviation Hangar/Office area is one of several airport components needing improvement. The CAMP recommended existing hangars be replaced “with new development that enhances and promotes the best use of this parcel.”

The site is set up in two sections. The 13-acre Western side currently houses:

  • 25 executive hangars,
  • 16 T-hangars,
  • 1 corporate hangar and
  • A wash rack.

The 23-acre Eastern side has executive hangars, office space and corporate hangars that will be demolished as part of the project. It also houses:

  • A wash rack,
  • 26 covered tie-downs, and
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting burn area.

Lastly, there is a five-acre parcel in the middle of the redevelopment area that is leased through October 2023, which the City would like to see relocated. Respondents will not be required to include that relocation in their proposals.

The project goal is to renovate the target site for aviation-related development supporting general aviation activities. Possible components could include commercial Fixed Based Operator facilities, air cargo services, or commercial or non-commercial aircraft storage or other general aviation facilities. Phoenix is looking for the project to demolish or renovate the existing buildings “with a new modern look and upgrading to current code standards, designing a new layout, and managing the individual tenants.”

Redevelopment can be planned as one project or broken into phases, and respondents can submit multiple options based on different design ideas and approaches. Each response should include outlines for:

  • Financing: Project cost, agreement terms, revenue projections, etc.;
  • Design: Conceptual designs, detailed schematics and overviews of best design options;
  • Development: A detailed narrative describing the redevelopment vision, potential obstacles, timelines, transition plans, phased development descriptions, and relocation plans for existing tenants, and
  • Management of Commercial Facilities: A description of best practices detailing how the development will be managed to support general aviation activities.

Other factors to consider include:

  • A Phase I and Phase II environmental assessment,
  • Phased development timelines,
  • No additional roadways required under the proposal,
  • The need for a transition plan detailing changeover activities and processes, and
  • Respondent’s responsibility for changes in utilities in the redevelopment area.

Responses are due at 2 p.m. on December 17th. There will be a virtual pre-response meeting on October 18th at 10 a.m., and a site tour on October 25th at 10 a.m.

The full RFI and supporting exhibits are available here.



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