New Behavioral Health Hospital Planned for Gilbert

Credit: Town of Gilbert

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX
Plans for the development of a new geriatric behavioral health hospital south of Mercy Road just southwest of Pecos Road was recently approved at the Town of Gilbert’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on March 4th.
Applicant and developer, FJ Management, received approval of site plan, landscape plan, grading and drainage plans, elevations, floor plans, lighting, colors and materials for the project, dubbed Sana Behavioral Health Hospital. The developer also received approval for a conditional use permit to allow a hospital in the General Office zoning district on the 3.79-acre site at 2018 S. Mercy Road.
Sana Behavioral Health Hospital is planned as a one-story, 16.4KSF geriatric psychiatry service hospital for patients who are 55 years of age or older. The hospital will provide 24 beds and 24 hour per day treatment.
According to the project documents, plans also allow for a future 8KSF hospital building on the east side of the site; however, the building will have to go through a separate design review approval.
The building’s design is comprised of, “copper metal composite paneling, painted stucco, and stone veneer columns,” the documents state. “Clerestory windows are visible from the front of the building and a covered patient drop off is provided along the front as well. The unique building form provides vertical movement in the roofline.” Canopies will be included over the windows to provide shade.
The main building will be located on the west side of the property. The development will include an outdoor amenity space for employees and a secured courtyard for patients on the south side of the building.
Access to the property will be from Mercy Road and from the 156th Street alignment along the west. A total of 90 parking spaces will be provided on site. According to the documents, the site will be landscaped on more than 40 percent of the property. “Palo Verde and Evergreen Elm trees are utilized along the Mercy Road frontage with mesquite trees being utilized in the east and west landscape buffers. Considerable foundation landscaping is provided around the building itself particularly near the staff patio.”
The project still needs to go before Gilbert City Council.

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