Economic Growth is Maricopa’s “Golden Ticket”

Credit: Maricopa Monitor

Maricopa’s future has a “golden ticket” of potential, according to Mayor Christian Price’s recent State of the City address.

During a Willy Wonka-themed presentation, the mayor recently showcased some of Maricopa’s history and recent accomplishments before turning his remarks to the City’s current and future progress.

Projects highlighted in the portion of Price’s address concerning infrastructure included:

  • The East-West Corridor;
  • Porter Road Bridge;
  • Intersection improvements at Smith-Enke Road and SR 347;
  • Improvements to Green Road;
  • Queen Creek Road intersection improvements, and
  • An eventual outer loop or “ring” road.

On the private development side, Price named with pride several small businesses coming to the city, including a new Sprouts Marketplace, along with a proposed new surf park and a medical and sports science area planned for Copper Sky.

Exceptional Healthcare, Maricopa’s first hospital, received special recognition.

In terms of public works, Price highlighted the new police headquarters, which will enable the existing HQ to be renovated for use by community development staff.

Price repeatedly noted how the willingness of the city and its residents to embrace a change as a vehicle of growth has set Maricopa on a path to make dreams come true. (Source)

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