74-acre Mixed-Use Development Proposed for Mesa

Credit: City of Mesa

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX 
A new mixed-use development proposed to include employment/light industrial, multifamily residential and commercial uses is making its way through the City of Mesa. 
On Wednesday, Mesa’s Planning and Zoning Board approved a request submitted by Beus Gilbert McGroder, PLLC, on behalf of Sun Belt Land Holdings, LP to rezone approximately 74.1 acres on the west side of Ellsworth Road north of Ray Road from Agriculture, Light Industrial, and Planned Employment Park with a Bonus Intensity Zone and Planned Area Development Overlay to Limited Commercial and Multiple Residence 4. 
The project, called Mesa Ray by the city’s staff report and Ellsworth & Point Twenty-Two by the Planned Area Development Narrative, is proposed to be in a horizontal mixed-use configuration and divided into three parcels. 
Parcel A 
Parcel A consists of 45.7 acres along the western portion of the site and will house the light industrial part of the mixed-use project. 
“This area has been designed so that the primary façade for each building faces the exterior of the development, providing for an attractive, storefront design visible from perimeter roads and adjacent properties,” according to the narrative. 
Screen walls will be used to hide loading docks and service areas and a one-mile recreational trail will be provided around the outside of the development to provide recreation for employees, visitors and the residents of the multifamily residential portion of the project. 
According to the narrative, “A PAD overlay is being requested to establish a required first phase industrial building be developed prior to any residential development commencing on this Site. Requiring that this industrial building be developed prior to the development of the multi-family residential parcel will ensure that future residential users understand the mixed-use nature of the development and will lock in the industrial use for the entire western portion of the property. 
Parcel B 
Parcel B consists of 19.8 acres and is located in the middle of the site with frontage on Ellsworth Road and Starfire Avenue to the north and will house the multifamily portion. 
The conceptual design is currently a gated two- and three-story apartment complex with a community clubhouse and/or central amenity area. A large open space area is planned with amenities such as a pool, playground, dog park, sports court areas, ramadas, trails and landscaping. 
A parking aisle and landscape setback will be provided as a barrier between the multifamily and industrial/employment uses. 
Parcel C 
The last parcel consists of 8.7 acres located at the southeastern portion of the site and will consist of the commercial portion of the project. 
The plan includes two retail buildings at the NWC of the property linked by a pedestrian plaza to be used for outdoor dining and as an amenity for residents of the multifamily portion. 
“Commercial buildings will be oriented to enhance the pedestrian experience and encourage walkability between uses,” the narrative states. “Additionally, two pad sites are positioned along Ellsworth Road to capitalize on the excellent visibility along the roadway. These pads may offer uses such as retail shops, service businesses, restaurants and/or other similar uses.” 
Altogether the three uses will provide a cohesive live/work/play environment for future residents and promotes pedestrian connectivity throughout. 

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