224-Acre Mixed-Use Hub Proposed for Goodyear

Credit: City of Goodyear

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX 
Developer, Keystone Equities LLC, is looking to transform a vacant, underutilized site in Goodyear into a master planned employment hub with office, commercial, retail, light-industrial and entertainment uses. 
Keystone is requesting a rezoning of approximately 223.9 acres located at the SWC of Interstate 10 and AZ State Route 303 to Planned Area Development in order to develop the project, known as Innovation Centre. According to the project documents, while the site is currently designated a Business and Commerce on the General Plan map, it is currently entitled for a mobile home/RV park. The rezoning request was heard at the City of Goodyear’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on September 16th and continued to the November 4th meeting. 
The master planed area for Innovation Centre is divided into three separate districts, including a Commerce Park District, Commercial/Retail and Entertainment District and Office/Employment District. 
District A – Commerce Park District 
“This district encompasses approximately 139 of the 224 acres (62 percent of total acreage) comprising the rezoning area, and is the predominant district proposed in the PAD,” the staff report states.  
The site plan shows this district will comprise approximately seven buildings ranging in size form 80KSF-735KSF and will be intended for light industrial uses such as warehouses and large distribution facilities. Building heights will range from 40 feet to a maximum of 150 feet. 
District B – Commercial/Retail and Entertainment District 
According to the staff report, “This district encompasses approximately 26 acres (12 percent of total acreage) located in the northwest portion of the property.” 
District B will comprise a total of 12 buildings, nine of which will be smaller commercial/retail buildings. The other three buildings are anticipated to be a fitness center, a hotel, and a larger entertainment area. Buildings in this district will have a maximum height of 56 feet. 
District C – Office/Employment District 
“This district encompasses approximately 59 acres (26 percent of total acreage) located in the southwest portion of the property.” The intended use is for office and employment, but also permits entertainment, restaurant and other uses. 
The site plan shows a total of eight buildings, two are centrally located within the site with the other six surrounding them. Two parking areas would also be located on either side of the two middle buildings. All buildings in this district will also have a maximum of height of 56 feet. 
The entire project’s site will need substantial infrastructure improvements as it is isolated from any other commercial uses. According to the project documents, improvements may include a new traffic signal to be added to Citrus Road, water and sewer connections and roadway improvements. Parking for the Innovation Centre will include a total of 1875 spaces with 30 ADA accessible spaces. 
The project’s economic impacts include the addition of 600 new jobs, $7.3M in tax revenue to the City of Goodyear, $5.6M and $46.5M in tax revenues to Maricopa County and local school districts respectively, and $20.6M in tax revenue to the State of Arizona. 

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