West Valley Needs Hotels

Credit: Peoria Independent

As tourism returns to Arizona in the post-pandemic rebound, the Phoenix area is experiencing a need for new hotel development, particularly in the West Valley.

Glendale, which will host the Super Bowl in 2023, is actively working to lure hotel developments.

The city currently has 16 hotels. A 17th will be added when the Crystal Lagoons Islands Resort delivers. Even with the current stock, tourists attending concerts and sporting events in the West Valley often have to take hotel rooms further east, with Phoenix and Scottsdale seeing the bulk of the hotel traffic, according to officials.

With a hefty business in hosting sports tournaments, Peoria has also seen a need for hotel development. There are only nine hotels in Peoria in the moment, which officials say is not nearly enough inventory to meet demand.

Officials are optimistic, however, given some of the new projects in development, including planned hotel space as part of the P83 development. They also note other hotel projects are in the “preliminary discussion” phase for the area. (Source)

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