Virus Crisis Kills Flagstaff Bond Considerations

Credit: Adrian Skabelund/Arizona Daily Sun

By Adrian Skabelund for Arizona Daily Sun 
During their last work session, the majority on the Flagstaff City Council decided that given the current crisis and uncertainties that exist, it would not be prudent to move forward with any new municipal bonds. 
Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans added that she believed, “At this particular time, we need to really focus and make sure that we can put our economy and our city back together in a strong way.” 
In March the council had postponed making any decision about which bonds they were interested in moving forward with, but had indicated it at least supported a bond to address affordable housing. 
While there was still some support for an affordable housing bond, it seemed the council had soured on any bonds. 
Several members of the city’s housing commission also spoke, asking council to at least move forward with surveys asking voters for their views on a potential housing question. The request came to no avail. 
Other priorities the council had considered for bonds included projects to build new parks and recreation facilities, and improvements to city owned open space. 
Council had also looked at bonds to pay for the third phase of the city’s watershed protection. 
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