SRP OKs Nearly $1B Coolidge Plant Expansion

Credit: Google

The Salt River Project Board of Directors recently voted 8-6 to proceed with a planned expansion to the Coolidge Generating Station. The move will add 16 quick-start generators to the gas-burning plant at estimated cost of up to $953M.

Supporters say the Coolidge Expansion Project is needed to meet increasing energy demands. Opponents focused on carbon emissions and potential climate change and health impacts.

Officials with the utility countered the expansion will reinforce its core background of energy-providing options and permit the integration of more alternative energy sources into its mix and ultimately help it meet its goals of lower carbon emissions. SRP has committed to providing nearly 50 percent of its energy from carbon-free sources by 2025.

The plant currently has 12 generators on site and produces 615MW. The expansion will add 16 generators and increase capacity by 820MW. The first eight units are planned to be operational by summer of 2024, with the remaining eight coming on line a year later. (Source)

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