Build to Rent Model is Heading to Casa Grande

Credit: City of Casa Grande

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX 

The single-family for rent model is making its way to Casa Grande as a new community is being proposed for a +/- 10.6-acre site at the NWC of Florence Street and Ash Avenue, south of the Downtown Area. 

Applicant Hilgart-Wilson, on behalf of property ownerLKY Development Company, Inc., is requesting a zone change on the site from Garden and Light Industrial to a Planned Area Development in order to allow the 116-unit, high density, single-family build-to-rent community currently called Florence & Ash. 

Florence & Ash is proposed to include 28 one-, 60 two-, and 28 three-bedroom units at an overall density of 11.0 dwelling units per acre. The units will be a mix of one- and two-story duplex homes designed in a cluster configuration around a centralized recreation area. 

The Project introduces a new residential product type to the City of Casa Grande,” the documents state. “Existing development standards do not include standards for the single lot, one- and two-story detached, and duplex residential rental community as proposed for this development.” 

The project will provide open space for residents including landscaped areas around each home, a balance of shared common space and private backyards, sidewalks and trails, a turf area for recreational use and the central amenity space. A total of 221 parking spaces are also anticipated to be provided, including 118 covered spaces, 5 ADA spaces and 12 guest spaces. 

The site plan is currently conceptual and is subject to change. “The site layout will be designed and approved through the Final Development Plan process,” the documents state. 

The City of Casa Grande heard the project request at its February 11th Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. The project still needs to go before City Council. According to the documents, “The Project is anticipated to be developed in one phase although construction and occupancy of individual homes will follow development of the main infrastructure.” 


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