PHX Announces RFQ Process Changes

Credit: Ames Construction

By Tasha Anderson for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

The City of Phoenix is in the process of implementing some new changes to their construction procurement request for qualifications scoring process, in order to “provide the best transparency possible to the public and the industry.”

One of the biggest changes, as presented by Kandi Kawolsky, design and construction procurement manager for City of Phoenix, to the group at the APWA June 2018 Luncheon on Wednesday, is to the individual scoring process.

“We’ve now gone from 100 points to 1000 points, so this is more with industry norm in the procurement world and also provides a little more transparency,” said Kawolsky. “So, with this we have created a little bit of a greater spread in the individual criteria and the ultimate scoring.”

The City of Phoenix is also now carrying scores over to the interview process and is implementing reference checks.

Another big change mentioned was that starting in July, firms submitting RFQs will now also get the chance to submit their statements of qualifications electronically through ProcurePhx. The city would like the electronic submittal to be for all procurements across the board but are working out the process for design-bid-build according to Kawolsky.

Finally, the city has also made a change to their professional services RFQ template regarding adding an extra time to submit questions.

Kawolsky explained to the group, “We typically do not see questions come in on professional services advertisements, but some of them are a little technical and more specific that what we usually put out, so we want to give you an opportunity outside of that pre-submittal meeting for you to submit those questions.”

Upcoming Procurements

After the brief presentation, the group was given a look at some of the upcoming opportunities expected to hit the City of Phoenix solicitation website soon.

Some of the upcoming procurements mentioned were:

  • Engineering On-Calls for Calendar Years 2019/2020 (No SBE)
  • Pressure Reducing Valve Program – Study, Design, CA
  • Lake Pleasant Water Treatment Plant Asset Assessment
  • Val Vista WTP Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Systems Inspection and Testing Services
  • Soils and Materials Testing On-Call Services
  • PSHIA T2 Demolition and Apron Reconstruction – Design & CM@R

For questions regarding the new procurement process changes or upcoming solicitations, visit

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