No Timeline Yet for Danelle Plaza Redevelopment

Credit: City of Tempe

The Danelle Plaza strip mall at Southern and Mill avenues in Tempe will be the subject of a redevelopment effort, but no one can say yet what it will entail or when it may begin.

Danelle Plaza is home to legendary local music venue Yucca Tap Room and recurring art event Tempe Art A Gogh-Gogh. Several owners are stakeholders on the property, including the City of Tempe with 3.14 acres.

Tempe issued an RFQ in March for developers to purchase its location and create a mixed-use development. Two firms submitted in April, but the city canceled the RFQ in June, saying it believes a more “comprehensive solicitation” will better benefit the area long-term. Tempe officials have said a new solicitation will be issued and proposals will be made available to the public after an agreement is awarded.

In the meantime, representatives of Miravista Holdings and Guina Affiliated Developers, both of which have direct holdings or members with ownership stakes in portions of Danelle Plaza, have met with leaders of the Brentwood-Cavalier Neighborhood Association to discuss vision and potential components of the eventual plan.

A summary posted by one association leader notes the Miravista plan could include 200 housing units, while the Guina plan could have up to 1,100, a volume that concerns some leaders.

Media reports indicate no date for a new RFQ has been set. (Source)


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