New Resort Proposed in Sedona

Credit: Delawie/City of Sedona

A 92-room resort proposed by R.D. Olson Development has begun making its way through the City of Sedona’s approval process.

Oak Creek Resort is planned on 11.58 acres on Schnebly Hill Road. In addition to the guest room, the boutique hotel would have a 4.5KSF restaurant, a spa and nearly 4KSF of meeting space.

The location in the recently-created Oak Creek Heritage District is currently zoned for small lot single-family. Under the Heritage District plan, developments must be planned to preserve the area as much as possible, meaning buildings must be concentrated closely to maximize and preserve open space.

In its letter accompanying the proposal, the developer notes both its guest rooms and associated buildings will be clustered into small zones to create “a variety of environments and views.”

The plan is in the conceptual review process. (Source)



  1. What about access? Are they going to rebuild access to 17? And what about access to Uptown snd West Sedona? Traffic is already a mess around that area.

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