NAIOP Arizona Panel Event Examines Labor Shortage

Credit: NAIOP Arizona

Panelists at a recent NAIOP Arizona event recently tackled the skilled labor shortage and discussed ways to find and keep needed talent. 

Members included: 

  • Brandon MilliganStrataTech Education Group, 
  • Kevin MajorCBRE, 
  • Danielle FeroletoSmall Giants, and 
  • Mike BontragerAlston Construction and Build Your Future Arizona. 

James Murphy of Willmeng Construction served as moderator.  

Low pre-pandemic unemployment rates made securing labor difficult, and the uncertainty and wild social and economic vacillations during and afterward added to the problem, according to Major. He predicted, however, the Phoenix area’s in-migration rates should contribute to a stronger base of labor. 

Panelists noted all market sectors are seeing increased demand and costs for labor, which is adding to the dearth of available workers in construction. 

Bontrager noted the state could see a skilled labor shortage as deep as 240,000 positions by 2030. Build Your Future Arizona is working to raise awareness of the high pay and training opportunities for construction workers.  

Training and other incentives, such as career mentoring, hiring bonuses and other programs that invest in employees long-term were touted as necessities for retention. (Source) 

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