Major Mixed-use Still Planned for Tucson

Credit: City of Tucson

By Adrienne St. Clair for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

The City of Tucson approved a development plan submitted earlier this year by SMDSK Encanto LLC for a mixed-use project that will be built at the SEC of Camino Miramonte and Speedway Boulevard.

The Miramonte Mixed-Use project will end up being nearly 84KSF of residential, office, retail and restaurant space spread across five parcels of land that sit between the Rincon Mountains and the Tucson Mountains.

While the project has been approved, it is still in the financing stage, according to an update provided by general contractor Lloyd Construction Company to AZBEX Research staff on Nov. 15. Construction is tentatively set to begin winter of next year.

According to city documents, the new development is planned to be walkable, creating a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere with roughly 5KSF of space for specialty shops and nearly 7KSF for new restaurants. Twenty-four townhomes will attract new residents, while 10KSF of office space will be built to attract new business tenants.

The project will consist of three buildings. Building 1 will be the tallest at six stories and will house residential, retail and restaurant space. Building 2 will be two stories and completely residential, while Building 3 will be one story and completely reserved for retail use. Another building already exists on the site and will be renovated under a separate plan and agreement, the submittal documents note.

According to submitted documents, the mixed-use Building 1 breakdown will be as follows:

Building 1:

  • 1st floor: Retail, restaurant and residential office
  • 2nd floor: Office
  • 3rd-5th floors: Residential
  • 6th floor: Residential and amenities

It was concluded after a significant traffic analyses that this new mixed-use development will increase weekday traffic by more than 1,300 vehicle trips. As a result, a few mitigation measures are recommended, including new stop signs and new or longer turn lanes.

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