IFBs Issued for Sale, Dev. of Maricopa Properties

Aerial view of property located between north Maricopa County Road and North John Wayne Parkway, north of Honeycutt Avenue. Credit: City of Maricopa

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX 
The City of Maricopa is looking to sell or lease a total of 24.17 acres of developable land in order to create more jobs within specific areas. 
The city recently issued three Invitations to bid for interested developers for the sale or lease of three separate properties, including: 

  • 2.64 acres located between north Maricopa County Road and North John Wayne Parkway, north of Honeycutt Avenue;  
  • 10.19 acres located at the SEC of west Edison Road and north Estrella Parkway;  
  • And 11.34 acres located on the north side of west State Route 238 between north White Road and north John Wayne Parkway. (See Page XX) 

The development goals for the properties, according to the city, include commercial, retail, office, medical and job creation. Any proposed development would need to complement and harmonize with the surrounding buildings near those properties. Each site is currently zoned Commercial Business 2 (CB2).  
In the last decade, The City of Maricopa has grown exponentially, having more than 60,000 residents currently living in the city today. According to the Invitations to Bid, “the majority of Maricopa residents are currently commuters, traveling to the Phoenix Metro Area every day for work. However, a 2013 study revealed 85 percent of residents would prefer to work locally, even for a pay cut. 
There are no pre-submittal meetings scheduled for any of the Invitations to Bid, and all submittals are expected to be due no later than 1:00 p.m. on November 12th, 2020 in order to be considered for the initial review which is on the same day. “Late bids shall not be considered until the next review date, if any,” the documents state. Subsequent reviews are expected to take place every Thursday after the date of the first review. 
Edison & Wilson Property 
The City of Maricopa had also issued an Invitation to Bid for the sale and lease and development of approximately 4.22 acres of land at the SEC of Edison and Wilson. The due date to submit for this IFB was October 29th, 2020 and the initial review date was yesterday. 
The development goals for this property include retail, office or a unique higher density housing that would complement the Sonoran Creek Commercial Complex Development. 

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