How JE Dunn is Improving Data Center Delivery Times

Credit: JE Dunn

In a recent column, JE Dunn Construction SVP and Southwest Division Leader Brad Schenck described some of the processes his company is using to improve delivery times for projects in the rapidly expanding data center industrial market.

Among the creative solutions Schenck mentioned were:

Modular Construction, in which components are prefabricated in a separate facility and delivered to the construction site as needed via modular containers or open skids. If the client has premade skids on-site, the risks to the schedule from having necessary components ready when needed is eliminated.

Advanced Work Packaging, which combines planning, prefab and modular components at a high level of detail and on a larger scale to develop smaller packages with a high degree of repeatability for tracking and execution.

Beginning Activities Earlier, also known as “Shifting the Schedule Left,” lets teams create their functional system off-site in advance of traditional project schedules. Systems can be built and tested earlier, finding potential errors earlier and reducing delays.

Schenck writes that Changing the Model to a project’s approach and execution enhances timeliness and peace of mind across the building process. (Source)

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