COVID-19 News Round-up for November 3rd

Credit: World Construction Today

Budget, Policy & Stimulus News 
New Aid Announced as Eviction Ban Ends 
Just as Arizona’s moratorium on tenant evictions ends, Gov. Doug Ducey’s office has announced $7M in new aid for renters and landlords. The Rental Property Owner Preservation Fund will get $5M, and the Arizona Department of Housing’s Rental Eviction Prevention Fund will receive $2M. (Source) 
Shuttered Somerton Businesses Get Nearly $100K 
Twenty-nine Somerton small businesses that were temporarily closed as part of Arizona’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 have received a total of $96K in federal grants provided by the CARES Act to help them weather the fallout. (Source) 
Expert Duo Calls SBA ‘Antiquated’  
Former U.S. Agency for International Development Acting Director Agnes Dasewicz and her colleague, investor and economic development expert Dale Mathias, have referred to the Small Business Administration as “antiquated” and “inflexible.” The two are advocating for a larger investment agency that they hope will be able to more efficiently infuse investment in the nation’s small business community. (Source) 
Economic News 
Global Report Considers ‘The Future of Work’ 
Urban Land Institute and EY Consulting recently surveyed 555 real estate professionals around the world. Their results indicate planning for real estate users’ needs will have to take into account increased flexibility regarding work activity, quantity and quality of office space, and offices’ physical locations. (Source) 

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