Caliente Breaks Ground on $9M PMG Airport Project

Credit: Dekker Perich Sabatini

Source: Caliente Construction Inc.
Caliente Construction Inc., broke ground February 18th on a combination office and hangar building at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport for Aviation Performance Solutions, the world’s largest provider of upset prevention and recovery training.
Caliente collaborated with architect Dekker Perich Sabatini on the $9M development that initially consists of approximately 10KSF of office and training space on two levels and 14KSF of hangar space.
The new facility will provide airplane pilots with the advanced skills to overcome the No. 1 cause of aviation-related fatalities: loss of control in-flight. Aviation Performance’s new headquarters facility complex will be two separate developments at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.
The first development will be used by APS as its world headquarters building and is a combination office and hangar building. The first-floor office space will be used primarily for education and training activities with support for flight operations.
A customer lounge will be directly adjacent to the flight line on both the first and second floors.
The second-floor lounge will have access to an outdoor viewing deck that gives direct views to flight activities. The remainder of the second floor will be occupied by the APS corporate offices and provides open office areas with a view to the common courtyard area.
The facility is designed to have a modern aviation aesthetic with sweeping curves and abundance of glass and natural light.
The second development on the property is a speculative hangar and office building and will also be used by APS for operations. This building provides approximately 4,000SF of office space and 35KSF of hangar space that is large enough to house multiple G650 aircraft. The office areas provide access to the hangar functions as well as the shared outdoor courtyard.
Both facilities are easily accessible from main airport roads, provide direct access to flight operations from the hangar areas and have convenient parking that allows for easy access to each building. The project is expected to be completed by January 2021.

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