AZBEX Presents: The 2021 Bah Humbug! Awards

By Roland “The Grinch” Murphy for AZBEX

The Season comes ‘round

Same time every year,

And we all look forward

To holiday cheer.

But some agencies’ spirit

Falls in a black hole

Their holiday deadlines

Swirl mirth down the bowl.


and those dense RFQs

swap our carols for dirges

and we’re singing the blues.

Folks setting these due dates

Must be out of their gourds

So here AZBEX Presents

The Bah Humbug Awards!

Litchfield Park’s IFB

Is due Twelve Twenty-eight

Vis-ta Verde Drainage

Wipes cheer from the slate.

Zero One, Zero-Three,

The teams’ first day back

A couple requests

Will throw plans out of whack.

City of Page

For a mobile home village

Wants bids for chip seal,

Leaving New Year’s Eve pillaged.

Flowing Wells wants new classrooms

With masonry walls

Guess it’s time to cancel

Those New Year’s Eve balls.

On Jan the Fourth

There await six requests

Cancel your parties,

It’s tough luck for your guests.

Crane Elementary

Needs a basketball court

Getting bids ready

Leaves no time for sport.

At least Cochise College

Scrapped its driving course bid,

Their hearts may have grown

Or their sched hit the skids.

Wastewater treatment

In ol’ Casa Grande

Needs headworks repair

So delay all your plans.

Public housing in Chandler

Wants new kitchens and baths

Preparing that bid

Leaves our hearts filled with wrath.

Casa Grande (yet again)

Wants a new generator

We see no good reason

This one couldn’t come later.

Arizona, the state,

Wants some new airport paint

Kindhearted mirth-makers

These procurers ain’t.

The big winner this year?

Chand-ler Unified.

What the heck were you thinking?

Oh come on, you guys!

The schools want a CMAR

By Monday, 1-3

To reno school kitchens

And upgrade MPE.

No songs will be sung

No bubbly will flow

Hopefully next year

They won’t be such schmoes.

Happy Holidays from all of us at AZBEX!!!


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