Affordable Housing Proposed for Prescott Valley

Credit: Town of Prescott Valley

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX 
A new 144-unit affordable multifamily development is being proposed for the Town of Prescott Valley. 
Owner, Matthew Hepperle is requesting a zoning map change for the approximately 5.4-acre site encompassing the Baja Circle right-of-way and Prescott Valley Unit 24 (Lots 1-3, 7-10), from Commercial; general Sales ad Services-Planned Area Development to Residential and Services-Planned Area Development. The owner is also requesting approval of the preliminary development plan for the project, called Baja Professional Apartments. 
The Baja Professional Apartments is proposed to comprise six, three-story buildings housing 24 dwelling units each. Buildings two and five will consist of one-bedroom units, while buildings one, three, four and six will consist of two-bedroom units. 
According to the documents submitted to the Town, the apartments will target, “professional workforce tenants such as first responders, medical professionals, teachers, police and fire personnel as well as the student market,” and the target rental price will be $1,000 to provide the area with, “much needed affordable housing.” 
The buildings will have a maximum building height of 35 feet and will be strategically placed to allow for increased distance between them and surrounding residences. 
A new private road will be constructed to provide access to the project as well as access to three currently occupied lots at the south side of Baja Circle. The preliminary development plan shows parking all around the development and near a small centralized courtyard. 
“Landscape screening will be provided around the perimeter of the site and a six-foot masonry wall will be placed as an additional screen on the west and south sides of the project,” the documents state. “Landscaping will include low water use drought tolerant landscape plant species.” 
The zoning map change and preliminary development plan were both heard and approved at the Prescott Valley Planning Commission meeting on July 13th. The development still needs to go before the Town Council. 


  1. Are you kidding me?? 1000.00 a month leaves a big part of people in this area out on the street! Those of us unable to work living on SSI making 738.00 monthly no option other than renting a room if we can find one! Get real and think about this part of the public!

  2. What a joke saying that’s affordable housing. $1000/month would that be for the one bedroom? In a community with low paying jobs, target $1000/month isn’t for the younger generation to keep them here to stay. Technically if you are requiring the tenant to have three times the amount of the rent, a person would need a 40 hour a week job at $18.75 minimum. Where in PV or surrounding areas can you earn that. Unless the plan is to run out the younger generation who obviously don’t earn that kind of pay, and bring in older transplants that have the much for a small town. Turning into surprise, az and that didn’t work out for that community so well..

  3. For an article about a housing development, please show or provide links to: (1) a map showing the project’s location in context; and (2) a full site plan if one is available.

  4. Why just why. There are so many families struggling. 1000.00 is not affordable rent for this community. What are you people thinking. WE NEED AFFORDABLE FAMILY HOUSING.

  5. This is aweful…what about Veterans n Seniors that only get 800-1000 a month, yet doesnot provide basics food, medical or utilites=GET REAL

  6. 1,000 a month is not affordable for the average citizen in Prescott Valley. Here we go again with making zoning changes to add more building in an area that will not meet the needs of the current population in Prescott Valley. This land should have stayed zoned for commercial. New housing is being built on the corner of Glassford hill road and Long look drive. We don’t need more apartments.

  7. There are many Seniors living in Prescott Valley. Not all of them can afford $1000.00 a month for this unless they are married. That’s quite a bit to ask when some seniors don’t collect that much from SS in a month! Something should be done to help Seniors that need Real help. This isn’t it!

  8. There are two developments going on Right now off of Glassford Hill Rd as well You would think that our water supply is endless with all the new building. We have no idea if they are single family or more apartments.We sure need more traffic here and more people. Its turning into Phoenix. Is the developer any relation to the lady running for council they have the same last name.

  9. What about veterans and seniors who can’t afford $1,000 a month. life is not just about first responders and nurses and doctors… They can afford this. Most regular people have a hard time finding $1,000 a month for rent plus utilities. Please rethink your process and understand the term affordable housing.

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