Camden Hayden II to Complete Trifecta in Tempe

Credit: City of Tempe

By Sammy Williams for AZBEX

Camden USA of Sherman Oaks, CA plans to nestle six four-story and one three-story apartment buildings on an 11.59-acre parcel situated between their existing Camden Hayden I and Camden Sotelo communities in Tempe.

The 397-unit development, called Camden Hayden II and located on the SEC of North College Avenue and East Weber Drive, would also include construction of a dog park.

With a density of 34.25 du/ac, Camden has proposed to designate the property as mixed-use rather than multi-family, citing the addition of two live-work units as a reason to meet zoning requirements. This would require transitioning the property from the current commercial use and increasing the density from medium to high.

The site is located in the GID zoning district and was previously used as Progressive Insurance Company office space and an estimating center to assess damaged vehicles. The older industrial site sits between two modern-era residential communities to the immediate north and east, owned and operated by Camden.

“The proposed density promotes a village environment with easy access to goods and services, business and recreation. The additional residential density will positively impact the surrounding businesses,” said the developer in the application.

Northeast of the proposed site is a strip mall including a Goodwill store, fast food restaurants/drive-thrus and a gas station. To the west and southwest, areas including Papago Park, Tempe Town Lake, the Green Belt and downtown Tempe offer residents a variety of recreation options.

“These areas, all within a walkable or bikeable distance from the proposed new development, are appropriate and complementary uses for residential – not industrial – users,” the developer claims.

The proposed development would provide a new bus shelter on College Avenue and complete the regional bicycle lane network for bicyclists traveling northbound on College Avenue, completing the entire segment from Gilbert Drive in Tempe to Thomas Road in the City of Scottsdale.

“The proposed land use encourages creatively designed developments which create a living environment, reflective of a village concept, in which there is the opportunity to live, work and recreate in the same development or within the area,” said the developer in the application.

Camden’s regard for its residents extends to their four-legged friends. The development plan for Camden Hayden II includes a proposed dog park on the SEC of College Avenue and Weber Drive and will be open to the general public.

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