2MSF Industrial Project Proposed in Glendale

Credit: Google

The Casa Grande Planning & Zoning Commission recently conducted its first hearing on a plan to reopen the former Asarco Sacaton pit mine, now known as Cactus Mine, west of the city.

The first step in the process is a general plan amendment that will rezone land around the mine that lies within city limits to Industry/Manufacturing. While the pit, itself, does not lie within the city, approximately 2,160 affected acres around it do.

The mine expects to use 1,000 acre-feet of water annually, most of which will come from recycling and reusing water on the site. The owners intend to build a 100-foot berm as a buffer around the mine.

Along with underground mining operations, the project intends to reclaim oxide ore from a waste dump on the site and from the open pit’s walls.

The Commission will make its recommendations to the Casa Grande City Council after a second public hearing, currently scheduled for November 4th. (Source)


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