159KSF of Warehouse Space Planned for Mesa

Credit: City of Mesa

By Sammy Williams for AZBEX

Developer Majestic Realty Co. of Phoenix is thinking big with a 10.7-acre site in Mesa designed to warehouse large vehicles. The Greenfield Industrial project is on the NEC of Greenfield Road and Virginia Street.

The design, created by architect Commerce Construction Co. of City of Industry, CA, calls for two new, ground-up buildings of 87KSF and 71KSF. The warehouse/office concept with surrounding parking and circulation is designed to accommodate large vehicles, e.g. semi-trucks, fire trucks and refuse collection vehicles.

The developer describes, “the warehouse building in the north portion of the property is oriented to face the Loop 202 Freeway while the southern side of the building is dedicated to a screened yard which encloses the truck bays. This screened yard also stretches to the south to enclose the truck bays of the second building in the southern portion of the site.”

The description goes on to say, “the second building, which is the smaller of the two, faces onto Greenfield Road. The two warehouse buildings are surrounded by fire lanes on all sides, with fire hydrants provided at code-required intervals.”

The buildings will be single-story and “have been designed to be aesthetically appealing, functional, pedestrian friendly, and provide for safe and convenient flow to and from the site,” according to the application.

In terms of access, two new driveways will be added off of Greenfield Road and Virginia Street. The Greenfield Road driveway will also include a northbound right turn deceleration lane.

According to the proposal, “the subject property and its surrounding properties fall within the “Employment” land use category of the Mesa 2040 General Plan. The site plan conforms with the overall Employment character type and the Industrial character sub-type described in the General Plan.”

Greenfield Industrial would provide quality manufacturing and warehouse jobs in the area, which is located one mile north of Falcon Field. The General Industrial (GI) zoning of the area is consistent with the proposed project and does not require a zoning change.

The proposal goes on state that, “the General Plan identifies [the site] as a high-quality employment center, and lies within the designated Falcon Field Sub-Area Plan. The proposed site and building were designed to meet the high-quality development requirements of the Falcon Field Sub-Area Plan.”

The developer states, “the proposed site plan does not adversely affect existing infrastructure and facilities within the area, and also does not present an adverse impact on neighboring properties.”

Majestic’s most recent submittal earlier this month to Mesa’s design review board was approved with conditions.

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