14-story Multifamily Proposed for PHX Kierland Area

Credit: Gensler/ City of Phoenix

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX

A new luxury multifamily residential development is being proposed for the SWC of Bell Road/Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Scottsdale Road on the south side of the Central Arizona Project canal, in the Kierland area of Phoenix.

The project’s site currently houses a 90’s-era single -story retail building which will be redeveloped into the 14-story multifamily tower currently known as “Scottsdale & Bell.”

The developer of the project, The Hampton Group, Inc., is planning for up to 255 units comprised of a mix of 160 one-, 87 two- and eight three-bedroom dwelling units. The residences will be located on levels three through 14 as well as a penthouse level. Each of those floors will include approximately 10-26 units.

“The design and architecture style are focused on a modern design, complimenting the Frank Lloyd Wright spire and its surrounding office development,” according to the project’s narrative. “The project will feature quality pedestrian edges, will result in the elimination of surface parking areas, and will provide an emphasis on quality design that has visual interest within the pedestrian realm and to the broader community.”

The third and roof levels of the building will house the resident amenities. The third level will be the main amenity area and will include a clubhouse that, “opens to a lushly landscaped podium deck with outdoor courtyard and seating areas,” according to the documents. The roof level will include a pool and spa, indoor/outdoor event area with a full kitchen, and a “lushly landscaped gathering and seating areas with opportunities to view the McDowell Mountains to the east of the subject property.”

Grade level will include the primary entrance to the leasing office, elevator access to the upper building floors and will house approximately 81 parking spaces strategically screened from public view by a faux façade. Grade level will also provide access to the parking garage through a private driveway and from the north side of the site.

The basement level will be the below-grade parking garage containing approximately 305 parking spaces along with ancillary storage areas. The second level of the building will contain the rest of the parking spaces for a total of 476 parking spaces.

Access to and from Scottsdale & Bell will be from three different points. The first will be from an existing right-in-right-out driveway onto eastbound Bell Road; the second will be from a new “enter-only” driveway from 71st Street; and the third is an existing “exit-only” driveway also on 71st Street.

The project was submitted to the City of Phoenix Planned Unit Development site on February 19th and has not yet gone to the Paradise Valley Village meeting.


  1. That area is already a nightmare, and it’s just horrible to see high rise development out that way. My grandparents are spinning in their graves (pioneer ranchers in N Scottsdale)

  2. So my CVS will be shut down? I agree. The traffic is already awful and can you imagine when the WMPHXOPEN happens? I already avoid FLW and 101 at that time.

  3. I absolutely hate this plan
    I missed the meeting back in mid May due to a family emergency. We owned a home off if bell and 68th for over 30 years. All the development up to this point has been great and enhanced our property values. This will ruin the landscape. I don’t care how beautiful the building will be . It will be an eye soar by its towering over surrounding area. The businesses that are currently there seem to be doing well. Leave well enough alone. We don’t need more traffic. It will be a total nightmare.

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous! Way to big for that corner! The traffic is already terrible there!
    Do not let this monstrosity be approved!

  5. All the people complaining about traffic should probably read the zoning plans for this project:

    “According to the traffic generation statement that was conducted for the project … it was determined that the proposed use of the site would generate 1,216 weekday trips, with 84 trips (20 in, 64 out) during the AM peak hour and 95 trips (58 in, 37 out) during the PM peak hour. Overall, compared to the existing commercial/retail land use, the proposed development is anticipated to generate 504 fewer daily trips, with 76 fewer trips (-79 in, 3 out) during the AM peak hour and 35 greater trips (29 in, 6 out) during the PM peak hour.”

    This project will actually make traffic _better_ at that intersection.

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