10 Things You May Not Know About BEX

  1. We focus on one thing and one thing only – business opportunities for the Arizona A/E/C community. If it doesn’t give someone information about an upcoming project, company or help a reader make better business decisions, it’s not our thing.
  2. We put on 10 public events a year. Altogether, more than 2,700 attendees come to BEX events each year!
  3. History of AKA’s – each issue we play with a “Title” or AKA. This tradition began in 2010 when it was just Rachel and Rebekah. The concept is “we don’t really care too much about titles” so we have fun with them instead. Now they’re known as our “AKA’s” and they typically relate to a funny holiday, a celebrity birthday or other random current event. We even make them into a “Seek and Find” around holidays!
  4. Funny Christmas Cards – If you couldn’t already tell, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our Christmas cards are a prime example.
  5. The Database service line contains 1,690 individual active projects with full contact information, current status updates and much more!
  6. Each issue of the AZBEX Digital Magazine contains between 17-24 articles. We never run out of news to publish!
  7. Each issue of the AZBEX Digital Magazine is read by more than 4,000 local A/E/C professionals. That is some reach!
  8. What does it take to produce each issue? More than half the BEX staff is involved every time. We start two days ahead of the publication day with sweeping for raw data: the news sites, public procurement sites, and similar. Then both Editorial and Design staff work nonstop on Mondays and Thursdays to edit, proofread, design and package the information into the magazine you see today. We work fast and don’t stop until the issue is put to bed each time.
  9. What people say about the work we do:
  10. Whether new to the industry, the firm or the market, the twice weekly Digital Magazine is a valuable tool for firms to introduce new employees to the local market.

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