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AZBEX Presents: The 2018 Bah Humbug! Awards

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange


At the end of the year

All across Arizona

Moms and Dads planned excursions

To L.A. and Pamona


Each year we call out

All the mean-hearted Grinches

Whose year-end deadlines

Throw the staffs in the trenches


Submitters want to chill out

Hug the kids, go see Mom

But Humbug-y due dates

Mean their plans all get bombed


Yavapai needs Services

For Green Watershed Planning

Respondents are sinking

It’s lifeboats they’re manning


Historic Old Kingman

Wants zoning advice

Four days before New Year’s?

That’s not very nice


NAU’s fine Facilities want

Pro Services (Related)

Has ever a deadline been more

Loathed, even hated?


Avondale’s carbon slurry

Is creating tension

Since it’s due this week

We’ll request an extension


Wupatki Monument’s

Water monitor work

Has submittals due Friday

Why must they be jerks?


New Year’s Eve

Good times, they could roll

But Pima County wants sensors

For its sewer manholes


Frontera wants sub-bids

To develop storage

If we had the option

We’d serve them cold porridge


Layton wants subs

to build a hotel

Their mean-hearted deadline

Makes misery swell


A new store for Brake Max

Gets sub bids to Ryan

Go work your submittal

As the kiddies sit cryin’


Marsh needs subs to reno

A building in Page

As your partner sits glaring

Unamused and enraged


City of Phoenix

Needs help to find leaks

Guess there’s no hiking this year

All over Four Peaks



Scottsdale water systems?

The deadline says maybe

We should ponder on this one


Phoenix again

With lighting repair?

A new Friday deadline

Oh – how could they dare?


The Army wants aggregate

Delivered to Yuma

Guess there’s no seeing Aunt Kate

Out there in Petaluma


Those are the Humbugs

Take comfort, don’t fear

At least there are fewer

Than there were last year.


Happy Holidays from the entire AZBEX Family!

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