Residential Development on 45 Acres Proposed

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX

A preliminary plat submittal for a mixed housing development on 45-acre parcel in Goodyear was heard at the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Wednesday.

The project, called DeRosier Ranch Development, is located in the western portion of Goodyear north of Lower Buckeye Road, south of Yuma Road and east of Cotton lane. The site is currently mostly farmland and is bound by an urban-agricultural parcel to the west and Canyon Trails Unit 4 to the south and east.

Developer, Urban Fabric Builders, LLC wants to subdivide the 45 acres and is proposing a mixed housing development consisting of 109 single-family residential lots, 20 condominium units and 94 apartment units on the property.

The residential lots are expected to be a mix of three different lot sizes. The condominium unit types will consist of 16 “live above” garage units or flats and four casitas, according to the applicant’s narrative. The narrative states that a condominium plat will “be prepared separately from the Final Plat for these lots.”

“The development will connect to the Yuma Road street cross section as an existing Scenic Arterial street section,” the narrative states. “Residential lanes in the development will be a 24-foot tract with a 24-foot wide (back-of-curb to back-of-curb) paved street section.”

There will be approximately 26.28 percent or 6.65 acres of open space for DeRosier Ranch comprised of landscaping, amenities, pedestrian walkways and retention.

According to a Rose Law Group Reporter article published June 12, “The Roman’s Oasis restaurant and bar is located on a small slice of the property. Urban Fabric’s plans call for Roman’s Oasis to be relocated on Yuma Road.

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