New Rehab Facility Coming to Phoenix

Credit: City of Phoenix

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX

America’s Rehab Campuses (ARC), a full continuum care behavioral health and substance abuse treatment center with a facility in Tucson, is planning to expand into Phoenix with a new facility at 12425 N. 19th Avenue.

The new facility will sit on approximately 7.8 acres and will consist of several buildings including two 10.5KSF residential treatment centers (RTC) and two 5KSF sober living buildings. The residential and sober living buildings are separated into two buildings each for men and women. The residential treatment centers will house a total of 80 beds and the sober living buildings will house 64 beds total.

Other buildings on the campus will include a 3.2KSF administration building, a 4KSF sober living administration building, a 30-bed, 11.6KSF level one sub-acute medical detox building, a 4.5KSF outpatient and partial hospitalization program, a 5.3KSF group building and a 4.1KSF dining building.

“The proposed campus will serve clients with a variety of needs,” according to the project documents. “The facility will have a total of 110 combined detox and RTC clients present during the busiest time. The facility offers alternate lodging identified as Sober Living in order for clients to have convenient access to attend classes and groups and continue the recovery process without worry of transportation.”

While most of the buildings will be single-story, the RTC buildings and sober living buildings are anticipated to be two stories.

The project’s site includes a hillside and ARC plans to use it for treatment amenities including basketball, volleyball, yoga, arts and crafts, hiking, fitness, nutrition and more. The owner intends to apply for a hillside grading waiver for the spot.

The site plan also shows two pool areas: one near the RTC buildings and one near the sober living buildings, as well as a total of 76 parking spaces throughout the property.

A Planning Hearing Officer application was recently submitted to the City of Phoenix for the project. The Phoenix Planning Hearing Officer will consider the project at a public hearing on August 18th.



  1. NOT HERE! NorthEast corner 19th Ave & Cactus is base of Phoenix Mountain Preserve with Hiking & Biking & Luxury Homes. It has heavy rush hour & business traffic & elder care with skinny curving roads which feeds I-17.

  2. Hello curious as to why this facility needs to build on undeveloped mountain Land. This land should be entrusted in the mountain persevere. There is a plenty of bombed out looking buildings and developments around town that could be better used. The southwest corner of Thunderbird and 19th Ave has been a wasteland for 9 years or more. Build There! If being near cactus is a must. Go South, there is a dollar store, nasty looking Chinese restaurant, some sort of muffler shop and various other random garbage strip mall/plazas that should be removed. No More land around the city mountains should be developed period.

  3. I think this is a Very bad idea, your going to destroy the beauty in the preserve. I’m sure you could find a better place then destroying the mountain preserve, I don’t want this in my neighborhood!!

  4. I agree do not ruin the mountain preserve…there are so many other locations, this would be absolutely terrible for traffic which is already bad enough

  5. How can this be built so close to an elementary school and a senior living community? And on a mountain preserve?
    Was there a zoning hearing (or a hearing of any kind) announced for neighborhood citizens to weigh in? This is ridiculous

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