New Gated Condo Development Proposed for Phoenix

Credit: City of Phoenix

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX

The City of Phoenix will hear a rezoning request for the development of a new gated condominium development, at the SWC of 24th Avenue and Avalon Drive, at its June 5 City Council meeting.

Applicant, Pew & Lake, PLC, on behalf of Ridgeway Investments, LLC of Provo, Utah submitted the request to rezone the entire 2.05-acre site at 3030 N. 24th Avenue from Single-Family Residence District to Multifamily Residence District.

According to the applicant’s submittal, the site is currently vacant and is bordered by multifamily developments to the north and west, a parking lot and office plaza to the south and 24th Avenue to the east. Three single-family homes are located across 24th Avenue.

The project, currently named 3030 N. 24th Avenue Condos, is planned as the development of a new two-story, 42-unit gated condominium development. The majority of the dwelling units are expected to be housed along the north, south and west boundaries with eight units to be developed along 24th Avenue. The buildings will have a maximum height of 30 feet.

A total of 67 uncovered parking spaces and 4 bicycle U racks housing 20 guest spaces will also be provided behind the buildings.

The rezoning was heard and approved with stipulations at the City of Phoenix’s May 2 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

According to the submittal, city staff requested that “All building elevations shall contain architectural embellishments such as textural changes, pilasters, offsets, recesses, variation in window size and location, and/or other overhang canopies.”

The submittal goes on to state that staff also requests the buildings contain “brick or block architectural embellishments and detailing,” as well as mix of articulated roofline features every 50 linear feet in order to complement the surrounding area architecture.

Two-inch shade trees will be planted on both sides of the sidewalk along 24th Avenue to create a more enjoyable pedestrian environment.

According to the submittal, “The streetscape treatments, height and building orientation, and design will mitigate impacts to the adjacent single-family neighborhood to the east and will provide an inviting and walkable pedestrian friendly environment.”

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