Mesa OK’s New 244-unit Multifamily Development

Credit: City of Mesa

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX

Scottsdale-based multifamily housing developer, Greenlight Communities is planning another “Cabana” brand multifamily development – this time in Mesa – called Cabana on Power Road.

The City of Mesa recently approved a rezoning request at the site located south of the SEC of Williams Field Road and Power Road at its September 23rd City Council meeting. The request would rezone a portion of the undeveloped property from RM-4-BIZ and LC-BIZ-CUP to RM-4-PAD which according to the staff report submitted to the city, would “allow modifications to certain development standards to accommodate development of a multiple-residence use.”

Cabana on Power Road is planned as a 244-unit multifamily community consisting of a mix of studio, one- and two-bedroom dwelling units. “The units are laid out in four sets of ‘quads,’ each of which is composed of three-story building blocks that are united by shaded entry corridors and a central outdoor amenity area,” according to the staff report.

The courtyard areas are designed with four different open space themes such as a pool area, hammock garden, backyard theme with fitness areas and a meditative theme with a zen garden. The idea is to allow residents to choose their apartment based on its location to the desired courtyard theme.

Other community amenities include a leasing office, community barbeque park, “tot lot”, laundry and bike and parcel storage.

The proposed building height is 43 feet and each building will be approximately four to seven units wide. The buildings’ exterior adds visual interest with the use of cornucopia orange and nut shell brown colors as well as the variations in the roofline.

Access to the site will be from both sides of Power Road on the south side of the property. An additional entrance will be provided on the north side of the property and east side of Power Road. A fence will line the perimeter of the development.

At grade parking/parking canopies will also be provided.

Mesa’s Planning and Zoning Commission approved the site plan and rezoning request at its August 14th meeting after unanimous approval from the Design Review Board approval on July 9th.

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  1. Dear Mesa City Council, Planning and Development and Zoning Board,
    Passing by on Power Rd I recently noticed Construction being built in the Medium Strip that runs North and South on Power Rd. Now funding out You All Approved a MULTI FAMILY 244 UNITS, CABANA ON POWER RD??? ARE YOUNOUT OF YOUR MINDS?? TAX MONEY FOR THE CITY ASIDE, THIS IS AN INSANE PROJECT THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN APPROVED! You obviously don’t know Power Rd to well. People drive like stupid idiots, going 50+mph and you think it was wise to a build MULTI FAMILY PLACE right in between it??!! You all should be ashamed of yourself for NOT INFORMING ANYONE IN GILBERT ALONG POWER RD OF THIS PROJECT! Where is the EPA REPORT, where is the Triffic Study, where is the Public Feedback Notification??? And there will be a Fence?? around it?? How about an Eight foot Sound Wall?? How will Children be Protected from wandering out onto Power Rd, or Riding their bikes?? STOP THIS PROJECT NOW UNTIL A PUBLIC NOTICE AND all STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE/ SHOWN!

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