Governor Orders Hospitals to Expand Capacity

Credit: Office of the Governor

Source: Office of the Governor Doug Ducey 
Governor Doug Ducey has issued an Executive Order ensuring Arizona hospitals increase capacity to prepare for a potential influx of patients due to COVID-19. The order requires hospitals to increase the amount of hospital bed capacity in the state, take steps to optimize staffing levels and maximize critical resources.  
“Arizona is working day and night to ensure our hospitals are prepared while implementing measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible,” said Governor Ducey. “Building additional capacity now, ahead of any increased demand, is the responsible thing to do.” 
“As public health officials, we have a responsibility to prepare for the worst-case scenario to plan for a pandemic,” said Dr. Cara Christ, Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services. “In Arizona, we are fortunate to have time to prepare, and we have a responsibility to bring additional hospital beds online, find needed supplies and identify critical equipment, including ventilators. We’re focused on working to make sure hospitals across the state build their capacity.” 
The Executive Order requires hospitals to activate their facility emergency plans that were developed with guidance and funding from the Arizona Department of Health Services in anticipation of a public health emergency. The order also requires hospitals to: 

  • Implement processes to re-route non-critical patients to other providers; 
  • Institute plans to optimize staffing levels; 
  • Increase bed capacity by 50 percent by April 24th, with half of that increase implemented by April 10th.  
  • Report to ADHS the number of current licensed medical-surgical beds, ICU beds and the amount of increases required under this order. 

The order follows a series of steps Arizona has implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19, protect public health, build healthcare capacity, and provide relief to families, businesses and individuals.  
For a full list of actions, visit 
View the Executive Order here. 

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