Flagstaff Finishing Design for Beulah/University Roadway

Credit: Shephard Wesnitzer, Inc./City of Flagstaff

Flagstaff is wrapping up the $7.4M Beulah/University roadway project design phase.

The project will add a quarter mile of new roadway, as well as a roundabout for Beulah Avenue/University Drive and a pedestrian crossing running underneath Milton Road.

Plans include six-foot sidewalks, parkways of 3.5-to-5-feet, crosswalks and separated bike lanes. The roundabout will have dedicated bus lanes and shared-use paths with a raised sidewalk to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

The City will award a construction contract and begin work on the project in the spring.

Flagstaff passed a transportation tax to extend Beulah and realign University in 2000. The tax eventually raised $7.375M.

The roadway project also enables two other developments in the area. The former Arizona Department of Transportation campus relocation and the development of Mill Town, a planned 1,200-bed student housing development from Vintage Partners.

The City, ADOT and Vintage Partners entered into a public-private partnership that addressed all three projects in December 2014. (Source)


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