COVID-19 News Round-up for November 24th

Credit: Cowen Construction

Budget, Policy & Stimulus News
Opposition Mounts to New SBA PPP Questionnaire
The Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Loan forgiveness questionnaire has been revised to increase resistance from business and industry organizations. The questionnaire focuses on businesses’ good faith certifications as part of applying for loans of $2M or more. Opponents say the documentation requirements are excessive and there was insufficient opportunity for comment on the changes. (Source)
Economic News
Ground Leases a Path for Equity Relief
Investment management firm Kawa Capital Management suggests ground leases can be a viable way for property owners to enhance liquidity and for investors to fund capital requirements. In a ground lease, real estate is classed as two separate assets consisting of the land itself and the structures. Investors can acquire just the land and lease it back to an owner or operator. (Source)
Current Conditions Make CRE Valuations Tricky
The pandemic-impacted commercial real estate market has seen a reduction in the number of transactions, presenting difficulties for appraisers. With fewer transactions to compare against, it can be challenging to identify enough comparable sales to determine reliable appraisals. Other approaches, such as discounted cash flow analysis or identifying development costs for comparable properties, exist, but present their own challenges. (Source)

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