Chandler & Intel Developing Reclaimed Water Plant

Credit: City of Chandler

An agreement between the City of Chandler and Intel will create a new reclaimed-water interconnect facility to help optimize city water use and the company’s massive water needs for its manufacturing processes.

Chandler and Intel execute a reclaimed water agreement every year to ensure the company’s project needs are met. Under the new agreement, construction of a new Reclaimed Water Interconnect Facility will commence in the fall to ensure adequate volumes for the company and Chandler’s other obligations. The treatment plant will be on the site of the Chandler Airport Water Reclamation facility on Queen Creek Road and will have a 10-million-gallon daily capacity.

Reclaimed water will be used both to recharge the city’s underground aquifer and to supply water for Intel’s cooling towers.

Officials estimate that by performing the project jointly with Intel and using treated, rather than potable, water, designing and building the new plant will result in an ultimate savings of approximately $100M. Design and construction costs for the facility are estimated at $23.4M, of which Intel will pay $11.7M. (Source)

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