13-building Apartment Complex Proposed for Phoenix

Credit: City of Phoenix

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX 
Plans have recently been submitted to the City of Phoenix for the development of a three-story apartment complex at the NWC of 19th and Southern Avenues. 
Multifamily developer, Dominium is requesting to rezone the approximately 14.16-acre site from Planned Shopping Center to Intermediate Commercial, Height and Density Waiver, to allow for a multifamily residential use. The site is currently undeveloped and is just south of the BASIS Phoenix South Primary School. 
The 19th Avenue and Southern apartment complex is proposed to include a total of 312 units housed in 13 separate three-story buildings scattered throughout the site with maximum buildings heights of 39 feet. Residential units will comprise a mix of 36 one-, 120 two- and 156 three-bedroom units. 
“The development includes a variety of exterior colors and materials which include metal awnings, stucco and brick veneer with balconies on upper floors and patios on the lower floors,” according to the documents submitted to the city. Offsets, recesses and textural changes are also depicted in the plans. 
Two more buildings will be constructed in the middle of the site which will house the fitness center and clubhouse. Other amenities to be included in that central amenity area are a pool and spa, barbeque space, two “tot lot” areas, turf field and two gaming lawns. 
A variety of heavily landscaped pedestrian paths will connect the central amenity space to residential buildings and other amenity areas including a dog park and playground. Pedestrian access gates will also be incorporated in two places, one at 19th Avenue to provide access to the school and another to the southeast of the site to allow access to a future convenience store being planned. 
Vehicular access to the site will be through a main entryway along Southern Avenue with a secondary entrance along 19th Avenue. A total of 551 parking spaces will be provided throughout the site, 234 of which will be unreserved. 
The project was continued from the City of Phoenix Planning Commission meeting on June 4th to its August 6th meeting. The rezoning was recently discussed at the June 9th South Mountain Village Planning meeting. 

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