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Arizona Construction Career Days

Credit: AZ Big Media

Source: AZ Big Media

The rising cost of college is putting new emphasis on helping young people find alternative career paths that won’t leave them heavily in debt. The 18th annual Arizona Construction Career Days, held November 7th-8th, aims to expose young people to new career options they may not otherwise have considered that do not necessarily require a college degree.

Rosendin, the nation’s largest employee-owned electrical contracting company, will offer participating students several hands-on demonstrations with technology that has changed the industry, such as computer modeling and augmented reality. Volunteers from the company’s Tempe office will also teach students how to wire a light, fabricate tubes, and bend conduit pipes. Rosendin hopes that these kinds of experiences will inspire students to consider a career in construction.

Rosendin is one of 56 companies participating in the two-day event which runs November 7th and 8th from 8am to 2pm, at the Arizona Army National Guard at Papago Park located at 5636 E. McDowell Road in Phoenix.

This year’s Arizona Construction Career Days is on track to be the largest, with 56 companies and 3,000 expected students. This event is run by the Association for Construction and Career Development.

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