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Major Redesign Proposed for Florence Town Park

A proposed redesign of the Florence Heritage Park, presented by J2 Engineering on September 5, 2019.

By Mark Cowling for Florence Reminder Blade-Tribune

After developing in a mostly haphazard fashion for almost 30 years, there’s now a proposal for master planning Heritage Park for a more rewarding experience.

The three baseball fields will remain, but visitors will also be attracted to a new 1.4-acre lake. Big lawns on both the east and west sides of the park may accommodate a variety of recreation and relaxation in the park at the end of North Main Street.

A diagonal path will bisect the park, making different sections more accessible and creating space for food trucks, farmer markets and art fairs.

The proposed design, by consultant J2 Engineering & Environmental Design, is part of the town’s forthcoming Parks & Recreation comprehensive plan. It will be presented to the Town Council in a public work session Monday [September 16th, 2019].

“Making the concept a reality is probably at least five years away, with the big challenge being funding,” said Bryan Hughes, Florence Community Services Director. It may be built in phases, he added. Hughes and J2 representatives declined to estimate the cost.

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