542.5KSF Industrial Park Planned for Mesa

Credit: Ware Malcomb/City of Mesa

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX

Plans were recently submitted to the City of Mesa for the review of a proposed industrial park on approximately 39.5 acres just south of Elliot Road and East of Power Road, called Power 42 Industrial Park.

Developer, Northern Equities Group, is planning to construct four buildings totaling approximately 542.5KSF, with a maximum building height of 52 feet. The buildings will provide both warehouse space and office space for future tenants.

Building one will be about 21.2KSF of warehouse space with one office area totaling 4.4KSF. Building two will house approximately 178.8KSF of warehouse space with multiple office areas totaling 25.1KSF. The site plan shows building two segmented to house four tenants. Each tenant will have between 43.7KSF-58.2KSF with one office.

Building three will house 64.4KSF of warehouse space with multiple office areas totaling 10.5KSF, and building four will total 238.2KSF, with 228.2KSF earmarked for warehouse space and multiple office areas totaling 10KSF.

Grade-level and dock-high truck doors will be provided for each building. Building one will have two dock-high doors and four grade-level doors; building two will have 44 dock-high doors and four grade-level doors. Building three will have 12 dock-high doors and 16 grade-level doors; and building four will have 80 dock-high doors and two grade-level doors.

Entrance to the property will be from three driveways at south Power Road. 561 parking spaces will be provided for the entire site. Parking will border each building with 47 stalls earmarked for building one, 216 stalls for building two, 82 stalls for building three, and 216 stalls for building four.

The park is proposed to have about 6.2KSF of common open space distributed between all four buildings as well as landscaping along the street frontage at south Power Road and along each building. Trees include Palo Verde trees, Mesquite, and others along with several types of shrubs.

The City of Mesa reviewed the project at its April 13th Design Review Board meeting. The project has not yet gone before City Council for approval.

Northern Equities Group is the developer for Power 42 Industrial Park and Ware Malcomb is the design firm. The landscape architect is Gilmore Planning & Landscape Architecture. A request for the general contractor was not returned by press time.

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