Yuma Hospital Projects on Hold in Dispute

Credit: Yuma Regional Medical Center

Ongoing disputes between the boards at Yuma Regional Medical Center and Hospital District No. 1 have left up to $95M in healthcare-related capital improvement projects in limbo, according to media reports.

The Hospital District is a government body with elected members. It owns the main hospital property and facilities at Avenue A and 24th Street, which it leases to YRMC.

Under lease agreement terms, YRMC must seek District approval for construction projects valued at more than $500K. The District board claims it has tabled the project requests while it awaits more detailed financial information. YRMC says the projects have been denied.

The District claims YRMC has stopped sharing required financial information. YRMC claims it has complied with disclosure timeline and content requirements and that the District is overstepping its authority.

As the disputes have escalated, YRMC conducted a press conference last week, and the District convened a special meeting to solicit public comment.

YRMC had created a master facility plan in early 2019 and presented the District board with the three project requests it considered most critical in May 2021, including a lab expansion, relocation and expansion of a sterile processing and delivery area, and finalizing construction of a new MRI space.

Cost estimates were posted at $22M for the lab project, $41M for the sterilization project and $6.6M for the MRI project. These and other proposed projects total $95M.

YRMC officials have said the approval delays are impacting patient care. Hospital District officials have said YRMC has assured their board they have the funds to pay for the projects but have not provided sufficient details and proof.

YRMC provides audited annual reports to the District. The District has said those reports are insufficient to justify approval and has insisted on more detailed and regular statements. (Source)

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