Yuma County Weighing Health Services Facility Options

Credit: yumagop.com

The Yuma County Board of Supervisors is expected to decide in December how it wants to proceed with a project that will add critically needed space for Yuma County Public Health Services.

Director of Facilities management David Hylland presented the Board with options and estimates in a recent meeting. Supervisors requested time to consider the various options.

County staff has been working with DLR Group Architects on options for the facility at 2200 W. 28th Street in Yuma. A needs assessment was presented in April. The current 52KSF facility sits on 7.5 acres and has several areas that need work, particularly in terms of space allocations and availability.

The first option presented is a remodel to realign existing space. Projected cost is $6.6M.

Option two is a remodel with a minor expansion that would realign existing space and add 10KSF. Cost estimates are $8.6M.

The third option is a remodel and moderate expansion similar to option two but adding more public and meeting space. Estimated cost for this option is $10.5M.

Option four is a remodel with a larger expansion that includes new construction with a central entrance, public space in front and back, a pull-in parking area and a new standalone building to allow for future growth. Cost for option four is $12.9M.

Option five is a newly constructed facility designed from the ground up for current needs and future growth. Estimated costs are between $18M and $20M. (Source)

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