Yuma Council Discusses Budget, CIP Projects

Credit: Desert Dunes WRF

The Yuma City Council held a work session last week for its ongoing discussions on the Fiscal Year 2021/22 budget, the FY2022 Capital Improvement and Five-year Capital Improvement programs. 

The FY2021 CIP was relatively conservative due to the COVID-19 pandemic. FY2022 totals 77 projects valued at approximately $158.3M, which nearly triples the 2021 plan. FY2022 includes funds from the American Rescue Plan Act and is led by the Desert Dunes Water Reclamation Plant expansion. Other projects include buildout of a citywide fiber optic network and construction of a new fire station, designated Fire Station 7. 

Projects included in the Five-year Plan are generally smaller and include a crosswalk at Avenue A and 28th Street, a possible marque for the Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex, and a variety of road improvement projects. Council also asked planners to consider adding back in a previously proposed multi-use path for 45th Avenue between 24th and 28th streets. 

Only the FY2022 projects are funded. All other items are included for planning purposes. A copy of the proposed CIP is available on the city website. (Source) 

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