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WV Needs Roundabout Traffic Solution

Photo credit: Jeff Gibbs/The Arizona Republic

By Jeff Gibbs for The Arizona Republic

We have done a remarkably good job in recent decades designing our roadways to efficiently convey motorists. But those advances have sometimes come at the price of discouraging other transportation options such as public transit, neighborhood utility vehicles, bicycles and walking.

While this may be fine for arterial streets designed for heavy traffic, we may want to look at the design of other roadways to make them more amenable to other forms of travel by implementing “traffic calming” features.

A recent trip to Sedona provided an interesting example of one traffic-calming technique. You may remember the days (not that long ago) when getting in and out of Sedona presented considerable challenge that might prolong your journey by as much as 30 minutes.

Despite the problems, when the town fathers proposed the type of traffic calming roundabouts common in Europe, it caused quite an uproar a few years ago.

Now, the implementation is complete. Sedona’s traffic-calming solution has been quite a success. The roads are better able to handle the traffic, which now actually flows continuously.

Thus, even with these traffic-calming roundabouts, travelers generally arrive at their destinations in less time than they did under the old regime of traffic signals. And Sedona’s roads now also help promote the use of other forms of transportation as well.

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