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Vintage Planting Prime Projects in Flagstaff

Construction has begun on a new 16 screen Harkins Theatre on East Marketplace Drive behind the Flagstaff Mall. The theatre is slated to be open in the spring of 2016. Photo credit: Taylor Mahoney/Arizona Daily Sun

By Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa for Arizona Daily Sun

Vintage Partners of Phoenix is moving dirt in Flagstaff.

The company is working on two large commercial projects and has a third, single family housing project in the planning stages, said Walter Crutchfield, one of the firm’s partners.

Starting on the east side of town, the company is working on the construction of the new Harkins Theater behind the Flagstaff Mall and Marketplace. Vintage broke ground on the project in May.

The new theater will have 16 screens, more seating and more parking, according to Harkins.

Once the new theater is complete, Vintage will start work on converting the old theater on Woodlands Village Boulevard into new offices for the Flagstaff branch of ADOT’s Department of Motor Vehicles, Crutchfield said.

The design work for the retrofit of the old theater is already complete; they’re just waiting to finish the new theater so that Harkins can move out of the old building, he said.

The outside of the building will look the same as it does now, but the inside will be renovated with new offices, conference space and a mezzanine level in the current atrium. New windows will be installed and the building will be retrofitted to become a certified LEED building.

Once that conversion is complete, Vintage will tear down the old DMV offices on Milton Road. It will also reroute University Avenue near Target and Wendy’s so that both ends meet at one intersection, removing one dangerous intersection on Milton. It will also connect Beulah Boulevard with Yale Street.

Once Vintage has finished rerouting the roads, it plans to build a mixed-use residential building with commercial shops on the ground floor.

Vintage is working with Core Campus on the residential portion of the building, which will be marketed to college students.

Back on the east side of town, Vintage is working on another project on 96 acres split by Country Club Drive.

The company plans to break ground in the next 30 days on two hotels east of Country Club Drive. A number of restaurants, a grocery store and other businesses are slated for the lower half of the development.

On the far west side of town, Vintage is in the process of designing a single family subdivision near Woody Mountain Road.

The project is located west of the parcel on which the Aspen Heights Student Housing company wanted to build. Vintage is in the preliminary steps of designing the project and won’t break ground for many, many months.

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