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Uber Expands in Phoenix with New Center

By Jesse A. Millard for Phoenix Business Journal

Ride-sharing company Uber opened a second Phoenix office in downtown Phoenix Thursday, where it will create hundreds of jobs.

San Francisco-based Uber already employs 100 at the new offices at 201 E. Washington St. and plans to grow that workforce to 300 by the end of the year.

This space will serve as Uber’s first Center of Excellence, where the ride-sharing company will provide community support to drivers and passengers. Uber also has additional offices a few blocks away in downtown Phoenix at 111 W. Monroe St.

Uber cited the caliber of workers in Phoenix as a reason for locating its Center of Excellence here, as well as support for innovation from Gov. Doug Ducey and other state leaders.

Uber has had an up and down ride in Arizona over the past year. Last year, then-Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that would have codified regulations for ride-sharing startups such as Uber.

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  1. Robert Burgess // June 20, 2015 at 12:42 pm // Reply

    As a taxi driver I can many of my customers tell me of problems with rideshare drivers so they will stick with a cab. There are aspects that I do like like compensation of no shows, no cash for less robberys and closest driver dispatched. My problem with them is the consistent background check failures and no personal liability insurance while off app and on personal time. Sure uber will say you have to have personal liability insurance in order to drive with them. this means nothing because your personal policy is canceled and claims denied if your insurance company finds out you’re driving part-time for hire.and claims denied if your insurance company find out you’re driving part time for hire. GEICO sends this to their fraud department. Good news insurance companies are filling the gap with an insurance rider. Problem is no insurance company is offering it in Arizona yet. This means 100s of these drivers are driving without insurance on their personal time. Exception if those few that have 24/7 commercial insurance . If I am required to have insurance on my car the ride share driver does too. This problem is well known on the uber driver groups too.

    Little known fact. Ride Share was and able to be done with past regulations. But with the extra costs of proper insurance and background checks uber/Lyft avoids this.

    The Governor was sworn into office and I’m sure it had some like “uphold the laws of the State of Arizona.” Then within days fires the head of weights and measures because he is enforcing the law. Then brags about it. By the way the enforcement done was very minimal. I come from the old school if you don’t like a law you change it. SHAME ON YOU DUCEY

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