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‘The Hub’ Regroups After Rezoning Nixed

Courtesy of Core Campus

By Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa for Arizona Daily Sun

The rezoning request for The Hub failed to get a supermajority vote of approval Tuesday night from the Flagstaff City Council, but Core Campus is still moving forward with building the project.

Under the alternative plan, The Hub would have 591 beds instead of the 664 beds of the original plan, and 243 parking spots instead of the original 231 spots. The city would also lose out on a $500K contribution from Core to help finance a parking solution for the Southside area.

Core Campus, the developer of The Hub, wants to build a student apartment complex on 2.4 acres along Mike’s Pike, Phoenix Avenue and part of Milton Road. Core was asking for a rezoning to flip-flop the existing zoning on the property to allow it to build retail shops along Mike’s Pike and Milton Road instead of Phoenix Avenue.

After the vote, Core attorney Lindsay Schube said the company is ready to move forward with an alternative site plan for the project that Core submitted to the city two weeks ago. Schube said the alternative plan was not as nice looking as the original rezoning plan but Core had no problem moving forward with the alternative plan because it would cost the company about the same to build.

Council and city staff received sketches of the alternative plan on Friday. The sketches show a 3.5-story wall of residential apartments on Mike’s Pike, with a 6-foot-tall building footer to raise the building out of the floodplain.

It also shows the building jumping to five stories on Phoenix Avenue and a five-story frontage on Milton Road. Retail shops would cover part of the ground floor on Phoenix Avenue and Milton Road.

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